The long-range goal of our lab is to accelerate the understanding of neuromodulation and plasticity in the brain.

Our studies will also help facilitate the development of therapeutic applications, harnessing the power of neuromodulators to functionally reconfigure, and sometimes even literally rewire, neural circuits. 


We seek to address the following questions:

  • How do neurohypophyseal peptides interact with other neuromodulatory systems?

  • What neuromodulatory mechanisms integrate across disparate motor systems?

  • How do centrally released peptides regulate body homeostasis?

  • How does neuromodulation shape developmental and adult synaptogenesis?

  • How do neuromodulation and neural activity reconfigure the neural proteome?

In the context of these studies we also develop and refine imaging technologies, primarily focusing on 2-photon microscopy. To address these questions, we rely on 2-photon imaging and 2-photon neurotransmitter photorelease, light-sheet imaging, photometry, whole-cell electrophysiology, electron microscopy, opto- and pharmacogenetics, as well as assorted neuroanatomical, transcriptional, and behavioral analyses.