We are always open to talented, curious, and highly motivated new graduate students and postdocs.

Exceptional candidates with experience in electrophysiology, molecular neurobiology, and/or 2-photon imaging and optics are encouraged to apply.

  • Email Yevgenia.Kozorovitskiy@northwestern.edu with a brief introduction, CV and contact information for 3 reference writers.

  • Enrolled graduate students: email Yevgenia.Kozorovitskiy@northwestern.edu to discuss opportunities. Winter and spring quarters are open for rotation in our lab.

  • Graduate students not yet at NU: please apply directly to the relevant programs (NUIN, IBiS, MSTP) and we will discuss potential opportunities after invitation to interview or acceptance to one of these programs.

We have no current openings for new undergrads but encourage interested students to attend lab meetings and discuss future possibilities.