6-8/2019 Welcome to new PhD student Sara Freda and PDs Patrick Skelton and Patrick Xian!

5/2019 Welcome to new PD fellow Yijin Yang.

4/2019 Congratulations to Sam Minkowicz on receiving the NSF GRFP Award! And welcome to new PD fellow Pushpa Kumari and rotation student Feng Xuan.

3/2019 Manish Kumar’s paper is accepted in Optics Letters. Open access here, take a look at the videos.

2/2019 Genia receives the 2019 NSF CAREER Award.

1/2019 Starting the year with a new SOPi preprint (open access paper here) and welcoming a NUIN rotation student Sara Freda.

11/2018 Vas Dumrongprechachan is awarded the AHA predoctoral fellowship!

9/2018 Yue Jun Liu joins the lab as a Masters student in Neurobiology, welcome!

8/2018 The lab is awarded two new R01 grants from NIMH and NINDS.

8/2018 Neto Canton-Josh and Mingzheng Wu are appointed to Motor Control and Mechanisms of Aging and Dementia Training Grants! Mingzheng passes qualifying exams!!

7/2018 Karlin Compton (IBiS) starts his summer rotation carrying out molecular studies of modulation in the hippocampus.

6/2018 Lei Xiao accepts a tenure-track position in Fudan University! And welcome to new grad student Sam Minkowicz.

5/2018 New paper is out in Optics Express. Integrated one- and two-photon scanned oblique plane illumination (SOPi) microscopy for rapid volumetric imaging. Congrats to Manish, and Jordan, and thanks to Sandeep Kishore and David McLean for collaboration!

4/2018 New paper is out in eLife. Oxytocin modulate synaptic transmission in dopamine neurons. Congrats to Lei and Michael!

3/2018 Collaboration with Drenan and Lavis labs is accepted at Nature Methods and a third of the lab is off to Basal Ganglia GRC!

2/2017 Collaboration with the Ryan Drenan (Pharmacology, Feinberg) and Luke Lavis (Janelia) labs involving Nick Bannon posted to Biorxiv. Manish Kumar's conference proceeding on low cost light-sheet microscopy is out it at SPIE Photonics.

11/2017 Giulia Hindermann, a Masters in Biotech student, joins the lab, welcome! Collaboration with Dr. Hao Zhang lab (BME, McCormick) is in press at IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.

10/2017 Collaboration with Dr. Hao Zhang lab (BME, McCormick) is out in the Journal of Biophotonics.

9/2017 NIMH funding for neuroproteomics works initiates!

6/2017 Lei Xiao's paper is out in Neuron, free download here.

6/2017 Welcome to Mingzheng Wu, a NUIN graduate student who joined the lab!

5/2017 Nick Bannon receives an NINDS F32 postdoctoral fellowship award!

5/2017 Undergrads Joey Salvo, Joanna Qin, and Casey Grage receive awards to support their summer research.

5/2017 Congrats to undergraduate Sara Boyle for her acceptance to CSHL graduate program.

11/2016 Genia is honored with a Janett Trubatch Career Development Award from the Society for Neuroscience.

8/2016 Congrats to Michael Priest for being awarded the Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellowship!

8/2016 Congrats to Josh Werblin and Jackson Middleton for great posters at NU's first Undergraduate Neuroscience Research symposium.

8/2016 Welcome to our new Postdoctoral Fellow Manish Kumar.

7/2016 Congrats to Vas for his selection to the Chemistry of Life Processes training program!

5/2016 Congrats to Jordan and Tae for defending their Masters Theses!

5/2016 Welcome to our new Postdoctoral Fellow Nicholas Bannon.

5/2016 Welcome to our new graduate students Neto Josh and Vas Dumrongprechachan.

5/2016 Congrats to Jackson Middleton and Josh Werblin for receiving summer undergraduate research grants!

4/2016 Genia is named a 2016 Searle Scholar.

2/2016 Genia is named a 2016 Sloan Research Fellow.

1/2016 Vasin (Vas) Dumrongprechachan starts rotation (IBiS).

12/2015 Genia's piece on women postdocs in STEM is out at The Conversation.

11/2015 Genia's eLife paper from the Sabatini lab is in press and available.

10/2015 Genia receives Cornew Innovation Award from CLP (for work with Tom Meade).

10/2015 Jordan Nasenbeny (MS Neurobiology) joins the lab, welcome.

9/2015 We loved our fabulous 2015 Annual K-lab Sailing Retreat!

9/2015 Neto (Ernesto) Josh starts rotation (NUIN).

7/2015 Genia is named a 2015 Beckman Young Investigator! NU press release is available here.

7/2015 Genia, Hao Zhang and Patrick La Riviere receive a Chicago Biomedical Consortium Catalyst Award.

7/2015 Genia is named a 2015 Rita Allen Foundation Scholar! The official announcement, and NU press release.

7/2015 Michael Priest (PhD. University of Chicago) is joining the lab in September, welcome!

6/2015 Genia joins the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute.

5/2015 Genia is awarded a Whitehall Foundation Grant.

3/2015 Jeehaeh Do and Priscilla Ambrosi start rotations (NUIN).

2/2015 Undergraduate Jackson Middleton joins the lab.

1/2015 Takuma Sonoda (NUIN) and Jessica Lenoir (IBiS) start rotations. 

12/2014 Genia receives William and Bernice Bumpus Foundation Innovation Award. 

11/2014 Postdoc Lei Xiao and undergraduate Veera Anand (UoC) join the lab. 

9/2014 Master student Taehyeon (Tae) Kim joins the lab. 

8/2014 Genia receives NARSAD Young Investigator Grant, from Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. Lab renovations are almost complete and occupancy permit is granted. 

7/2014 Research Technologist Lindsey Butler joins our still virtual lab. Genia starts.